NLux is customize karaoke software. NLux karaoke software has proved (available) NLux business version and personal version. NLux been recognized as a karaoke system is easy to operate, simple and friendly, has used in the countries of Asian. Let's sings with karaoke system "NLux Karaoke Player"

Layout NLux Karaoke Player System

Interface Touchscreen & Mouse Only
Interface Keyboard & Mouse
Interface Keyboard & Mouse
Interface Keyboard & Mouse
Interface Keyboard Only
Tampilan Layar TV/LCD (second display)
Registrasi Room (Member or Non Member)
Tombol Start Room (NLux Player)
Aplikasi Cashier Karaoke (Room Management)
Aplikasi Cashier Cafe (Cafe Management)
Calculate (Billing Cashier)
Report Harian Cashier
- Dan ada beberapa layout NLux Player lain yang tidak dapat kami publikasikan
Customize Design
Perubahan layout systel Player dapat disesuaikan keinginan Customer